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Martian rock with looks like a jelly doughnut leaves scientists completely baffled
·2 mins
The origin and makeup of the object have defied explanation since it was discovered by the Opportunity rover. Odd: This image on the right shows the rock on Mars A martian rock with the appearance of a jelly doughnut has left scientists completely baffled.
Austria - New Year's and Skiing
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Scary Legs - Simon's Cat (A Halloween Special)
Michigan 2013
Photo Album ‘Michigan 2013’
Historic Grand Prix
Photo Album ‘Historic Grand Prix’
Simon's Cat in 'Flower Bed' & in 'Suitcase'
Switzerland 2013
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A Blue Alien World
·1 min
Scientists have for the first time discerned the true color of an exoplanet. The world, which orbits a star about 63 light-years from Earth, is a beautiful azure blue, but that’s not because it sports inviting turquoise oceans.
The Sun's Twisted Tail
·1 min
NASA’s Interstellar Boundary Explorer (IBEX) spacecraft has stared back “downwind” to look at the sun’s own tail. Much as the sun’s solar wind blows out the tails of comets, the vanishingly thin stuff between the stars blows the charged particles and magnetic fields of the solar wind back into a tail.
Some Young Planets May Be Mirages
·1 min
Planets emit no light of their own, so observers hunting for worlds orbiting other stars usually detect them indirectly. Now, one such technique has come under fire. The gravity of a planet circling a star in a dusty disk can carve gaps in the disk.
15 Amazing Creatures Are Not Seen Without a Microscope
·1 min
Inaccessible to the human eye to see many things because of their small size, comes to the rescue electron microscope. 2. Water mite 3. Marine worm 4. Chicken embryo
Venus, Doomed From the Start?
·1 min
Was young Venus an Eden or a hell? Though the planet is closer to the sun than Earth is, our star was dimmer in those early years, so Venus - about the same size and mass as Earth - may have been cool enough to host oceans and even life.