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New analysis teases out largest ever haul of exoplanets from Kepler data
·2 mins
Astronomers today announced the latest - and largest - batch of confirmed exoplanets from 4 years of observations made by NASA’s Kepler satellite. With the help of a new automated validation technique, they revealed an enormous haul: 1284 new worlds in total, more than doubling the number that Kepler has found so far.
Germany Winter 2016
Photo Album ‘Germany Winter 2016’
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Credits to xkcd
Germany 2015
Photo Album ‘Germany 2015’
Backdraftdemonstratie in Zweden
April Showers - Simon's Cat
Switzerland 2015
Photo Album ‘Switzerland 2015’
Photo Album ‘Geertruidenberg’
Switzerland Winter 2015
Photo Album ‘Switzerland Winter 2015’
Massive merger: Two giant blue stars are about to meld
·2 mins
The brightest object in a nearby star cluster, thought for decades to be a single star, is actually two massive stars in the process of merging. The pair lies about 13,000 light-years from Earth in the minor Northern Hemisphere constellation of the Giraffe.
Switzerland - Easter 2014
Photo Album ‘Switzerland - Easter 2014’