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A Mega Comet Or Minor Planet Is Approaching On A Very Eccentric Orbit
·3 mins
An object with an orbit that takes it almost a light-year from the Sun is about to pay us a visit. We have almost a decade’s warning because it is unusually large for a visitor from such a distance; it could become the largest comet ever seen.
NASA refuses to reply to aliens who attempted to communicate with Earth via YAML
·1 min
Washington, D.C.—NASA spokesperson shared breaking news this morning: the governmental agency had received an intelligent radio signal of extraterrestrial origin. The message contains information about the alien species and their benign intentions, as well as an invitation to continue the dialogue.
Introducing Google Tulip
San Francisco 2017
Photo Album ‘San Francisco 2017’
Dinosaurier-Freiluftmuseum Altmühltal
Photo Album ‘Dinosaurier-Freiluftmuseum Altmühltal’
Dolomites 2017
Photo Album ‘Dolomites 2017’
Munich 2017
Photo Album ‘Munich 2017’
Introducing Google Wind
·1 min
Introducing Google Wind
Germany Winter 2017
Photo Album ‘Germany Winter 2017’
San Francisco 2016
Photo Album ‘San Francisco 2016’
Enterprising Nebulae
·1 min
Just in time for the 50th anniversary of the TV series “Star Trek,” which first aired September 8th,1966, this infrared image from NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope may remind fans of the historic show.
Unique sand ripples found on Mars
·1 min
When wind blows over sand on Earth, it can produce two types of patterns: small ripples or large dunes. On Mars, there also appears to be a unique category in the middle: large ripples, with crests separated by a meter or more (seen here in this Curiosity rover “selfie”).