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The story behind the logo

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You should never talk about the company you work for on a weblog, so I won’t…But something about the logo can’t be a bad thing.

The Ace of Spades was chosen as a symbol for our company as early as in 1967 when our founder Serge Kampf launched SOGETI, a French acronym for ‘Société de Gestion des Entreprises et de Traitement de l’Information’, or ‘Business Management and Information Processing Company’. The original logo was a square divided into four segments, the first three being: SO, GE, and TI. The famous Ace of Spades was put in the remaining segment.

The official story behind the Ace of Spades tells that, for a 500 Francs fee, a small advertising agency in Grenoble suggested three ideas for the logo - a bee, a cog and the ace of … clubs (a symbol of luck and happiness). Serge Kampf rejected all three and chose the Ace of Spades, a suiting symbol for joint strength, since it is the strongest card/colour in bridge.

Since then the company has grown and changed it’s name several times, but the Ace of Spade still remains in our logo, and has become a unique and valuable asset for our company.