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Road Rage

·3 mins

This afternoon, I was driving home from work. Nothing out of the ordinary. Just coming into my ex-hometown there were some traffic lights. And they turned red, nothing special so far. A lot of cars were on the lane for going to the left and that resulted in a car left on the lane for going straight ahead. That happened quite suddenly, so some of us could test our brakes and all went fine. I was in the car just behind the one that wanted to go left, but couldn’t move any further so was basically blocking my way to go straight ahead. I couldn’t care less, because I could see that my light was also red. And knowing these lights, if the light for left is switching to green, my light would go to. So why trying to get past him…That was not was the guy behind me was thinking and started to pound his horn and signaling to me that I could easily pas the car on the right. He was right about that, but what the hell. Again sounding his horn and after a brief moment the lights turned green and everyone started moving. So we didn’t lose a second actually. The next 2 kilometers or so was a 50km/u lane, so I kept that speed…which also didn’t please the guy behind me. I still couldn’t care less and was actually enjoying it a bit. Then I got a call on my mobile and was nearing another traffic light, which was red so I started to slow down. But when I finished putting my earplug in, it turned green again and I noticed that a little late. Once more pleasing the guy behind my and he hit the horn again. So yes, that was my mistake. A kilometer or so further, we had to slow down for another red light and we had to stop. Just as the guy behind me stopped, he opened his door and yelled something at me. Don’t know what he was trying to achieve, but I couldn’t care at all. So the light turned green and we all got to speed to go to another set of traffic lights (yes, there are a lot around here: some 40 sets of lights between my house and the place I work) and I was just slowing down and stopped to wait for the lights and to go straight ahead once more. The guy behind me was going to the right, but drove past me nice and slowly just to achieve…….nothing?

What was he thinking???? I didn’t slow him down significantly, so no reason for his road rage at all!