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Warrior of Mars

Warrior of Mars

A very infrequently updated personal copy-paste exercise.


Ardennes 2023
Photo Album ‘Ardennes 2023’
Mars donut!
·1 min
NASA’s Mars rover Perseverance snapped this photo of a possible meteorite on the Red Planet on June 23, 2023. This image, processed by Stuart Atkinson, is a refined view based on Perseverance’s raw image data.
Flachau 2023
Photo Album ‘Flachau 2023’
Astronomers Just Discovered a 'Bear' on Mars
·2 mins
Facial pareidolia is the human tendency or illusion of seeing facial structures in an everyday objects – such as seeing the “man in the Moon,” or the face of Jesus on a piece of toast.
Pillars of Creation
·1 min
NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope made the Pillars of Creation famous with its first image in 1995, but revisited the scene in 2014 to reveal a sharper, wider view in visible light, shown above at left.
Perseverance Spies The First "Cat" On Mars
·2 mins
Pareidolia is the peculiar human behavior of seeing meaningful images in random patterns. We see faces in plug sockets, queens in clouds, and the entire world in funny-shaped rocks. Martian rocks are no exception, with everything from the famous “face” that turned out to be a hill to secret doors spotted on the Red Planet.